Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being a Risk taker

I've never been one for sitting at a computer. In the past four years, I have changed my career focus over five times just to avoid ever being stuck in the front of technology, because to put it simply, we don't mix. Without sounding like my father, I remember the simplicity of the days before the 3 point check was created (cell phone, ipod, and car keys). But now, from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I lay my head down for sleep, there is rarely a ten minute block of time where modernity doesn't intersect my life.

But, I find myself desirng to share my experiences and life through my eyes with those around me. Mentorship and the wisdom from others is greater than our own learning curve...listening and patience triumphs over blindly acting, majority of the time. I forget to listen with my head and act with my heart. The heart isn't just a throbbing mass of muscle, it's actually quite a sensitive instrument that is processing critical information. With every beat of the heart intricate messages are being sent to the brain and other bodily systems. In fact, these messages are being received by every cell in our body. Our ability to hear and act on the information being sent from the heart, can make the difference in whether we experience life as a series of stressful events or one that's rich in quality. The heart provides information that can help us eliminate the mental and emotional drain caused by confusion, stress, overwhelm, anxiety and frustration….research recently conducted by Heart Math, a nonprofit research organization, has made a breakthrough discovery in understanding the heart's intelligence, something they coin as “heart intelligence”....

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