Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's In A Name?

According to Jung's Typology, Myers/Briggs is the pc name for the personality test, I am not a thinker. But after flying through 9 journals in four years, I'd like to think I am a little more pensive than Mr. Briggs and Mr. Myers give me credit for. With that said, I spent a lot of time trying to be innovative and create a catchy blog site. Because as children of the crazed marketing and advertising generation, we all recognize the importance of branding. The four principles for creating a brand are the following:
it's simple
its associated with positive qualities
it's unique and unable to confess with another product
the vision of the company is voiced

I may not be some corporate organization or ngo eradicating world hunger, clothing the poor, or sheltering the homeless with the need for an organizational mission statement. I am just one girl. One girl whose eyes are fixed on a vision. A vision to share the intrinsic values of love, peace, grace, and HOPE. Along the way, I know that my story will be shaped by the convergence of others and as I begin to understand the importance of living in a relational world, the world will become more rich, more vibrant, and more alive.

I have never loved someone fully. I have never let myself truly leap. I have always kept one foot on the ground, which leads to being lost and deceitfully listening to the music in my head- instead of my heart. But this year has been marked with learning how to balance the intuitions and adventurous spirit of my heart and thoughtfully mapping out the consequences and possible results of taking some risks. Which has lead me to the beginning of this new adventure...not only the pursuing and attempting to understand the blogging life, but more realistically, life AFTER college. The past two years there has been this swell growing in me. A swell to live the uncovential life, to spit in the face of the prescribed life. To pack my bags and follow my feet where they wander. To experience culture and beauty beyond what my glazed eyes currently see. To give up the "corporate ladder" and to live a life dedicated to social activism and global awareness. To educate and be educated.

Hence the URL up green. Our generation is becoming obsessed with living naturally and loving the environment. It's become trendy to drink from steel water bottles, wear TOMS shoes, and recycle. Instead of competing for the most, we compete to be the most green friendly. But often times our green efforts in the short run, create long run environmental disasters. At what point do we sacrifice one resource for another?

It's a learning game. If life is really is about love and it's all you need, then I can trade in the green I'd make from some corporate position slaving 80+ hours a week for the transcontinental relationships I can create . A boss once told me that at a young age he stood between two roads: one that would create a future/bring great success. The second road would create thriving, flourishing relationships with family and close friends...He choose the former. I choose the latter. I choose to GIVE UP THE GREEN. I choose to give my heart for the mission to go, the mission to love, and the mission to engage my mind to serve....

P dot S I completely agree with living for the environment. I love the trees. I love the animals. I love the air I breathe. But, I do not like the way money destroys relationships and how that type of green can cause so much brokenness and feelings of failure in our American society. Below is a great guide I came across to living environmentally green. Check it out.

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  1. Hats off to you Brit... What a beautifully wonderful transformation you've gone through these past years... Good to see/hear where your hearts at and what now motivates you.

    In the words of Bob Goff... "just show up... the rest will take care of itself..."